Quantum Random Numbers for Smart Contracts. For free.

API3's QRNG provides your dApp with truly random numbers based on quantum mechanics at no charge. All you pay for is gas.
Why Quantum Random Numbers?
Random number generators are typically pseudo-random. They can be biased or repeat at some point. This can introduce a security hole that can potentially be exploited. QRNG, on the other hand, is truly random and non-deterministic.
Why Quantum Random Numbers?
Quantum mechanics guarantee the numbers we provide are unbiased and maximally secure.
Randomly distributing assets comes to life in an artistic format when developing generative NFTs – resulting in a collection of dynamic digital assets developed through the organically unpredictable quantum process, compared to the manufactured nature of computer algorithms.
Metaverse, play-to-earn, and community-building games on the blockchain heavily rely on continuous random number generation to keep operations unpredictable and exciting for players.
Games of Chance
For games of chance, where financial incentives serve as a reward for correct wagers, players will only partake if they trust developers are utilizing a tamper-proof randomness generation to maintain fair odds.
Participatory Processes
Web3 applications that involve public participation, such as random token distribution or drawn winners, can leverage a random number generator to ensure a truly fair assignment process of high demand items without bias.
Where is it hosted?
API3 QRNG is hosted by Australia National University and Quintessence Labs on AWS. API3 QRNG numbers are:
Encrypted in transmission between provider, AWS, and Airnode
Never reused or served to multiple requests
Destroyed after they are served
Encrypted at rest on AWS servers
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Why is it free?
Web3 has given so much to API3 and we want to give something back. All that we ask in return is that you acknowledge API3 in your app with a link back to this page. The images below can be included in your page by copy and pasting the HTML.
Still have questions?
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