Oracle Extractable Value

A new revenue source and performance enhancer for dApps, OEV offers unique advantages over traditional datafeeds.

With OEV, dApps retain their extractable value.

Oracle-side order flow auctions mimic those for blockspace, but return profits to dApps and, as an added benefit, provide just-in-time data updates for individual smart contracts.

  • Get paid by your oracle

    OEV datafeeds reward dApps who create MEV opportunities, generating returns from frontrunning, arbitrage, or liquidation.

  • MEV economy compatible

    With OEV, auctions typically hosted by block producers are now done on the oracle side. OEV is a new space for MEV searchers with new opportunities to profit.

  • Solve new problems

    OEV efficiently increases data granularity. By approaching real-time updates in liquid markets, OEV opens the door for new Web3 use-cases.

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