The Web3 API Gateway

Web3 is the decentralized web, the next generation of the internet. Built on the blockchain, it revolutionizes how the world exchanges value.

Airnode is Web3 middleware that connects any web API directly to any blockchain application.

Expand into web3

Web3 is the biggest growth opportunity for businesses since the world wide web. Airnode is the easy path to Web3.

Effortless Operation

Airnode is serverless and maintenance-free. It connects to your web API, so you don’t have to bother with blockchain.

Zero Trust

Airnode empowers companies to serve their APIs directly to trustless applications on the blockchain.

Zero Cost

Airnode is absolutely free to use. Serve APIs to Web3 applications directly and keep the revenue in-house.

Open Source

Airnode is open source. You’ll always be in control of your connection to the blockchain.

Airnode vs 3rd-party oracles

Existing oracles are operated by 3rd-parties. Airnode connects APIs directly to Web3 without a 3rd-party in the middle.

3rd-party oracles charge significant fees to connect companies to the blockchain. With Airnode, your company can serve blockchain applications directly and keep all the revenue.

Existing “3rd-party” Oracles

  • Implicitly trusted middleman that compromises smart contract security
  • Charge hefty fees
  • Introduce regulatory concerns
  • Force companies to deal with the complexities of the blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Provide no guarantee of accuracy or compensation for failure

Airnode “1st-party” Oracle

  • API provider’s reputation is carried directly through to trustless smart contracts
  • Free to use — always
  • GDPR compliant
  • Empowers companies to grow with their existing web APIs and native currency
  • Coverage can be provided as a quantifiable security guarantee