Decentralized Autonomous Organization

API3's governance is entirely decentralized and open. As a token holder you can participate in the governance of the project directly.
DAO Tracker
DAO Tracker
Track the latest votes, staking rewards, treasury balances and more from API3 DAO Tracker - an open source DAO tracker for the API3 community by the API3 community.
The Governance Token of the
The Governance Token of the API3 DAO
API3 is the native token of the API3 project. It gives its holders the right to take part in the governance of the API3 ecosystem through the API3 DAO.
Coverage staking pool
API3 staking pool funds will, in the future, be used to cover any potential losses to a dAPI user in the event of a dAPI malfunction.
64 666 698
Coverage Pool (API3)
Annual Rewards
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DAO Forum
DAO Forum
Discuss proposal topics before they go up to a vote in the DAO
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DAO Discord
DAO Discord
Track DAO metrics like staking rewards, wallet and treasury balances and voting results.
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DAO Telegram
DAO Telegram
Learn more about the API3 DAO, its structure and functions within the API3 project.
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