100+ price feeds
on 10 networks
with 0 middlemen

dAPIs are API3's first-party price reference data feeds that allow dApps on 10 networks (and counting) to connect to real-time asset price data, including crypto and forex prices.

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Oracle Extractable Value

Returning MEV to dApps

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) is hidden fee on blockchain users, bringing in revenues in excess of $1 billion. Oracle Extractable Value (OEV) is an addition to API3 datafeeds that positions dApps to gain from the MEV opportunities they generate.
Read more about how OEV datafeeds are changing expectations of oracles in Web3.

Web3 APIs

Call any Web API directly from a smart contract

Data feeds bring globally-identical data streams to smart-contracts. But for Web3 to thrive it also needs context-specific APIs and off-chain services. Airnode delivers both by allowing Web APIs to be called directly from smart contracts. Introducing Web3 APIs.

The API3

The Largest Association of API Providers on Web3

Web3 is the biggest growth opportunity for businesses since the world wide web. But it’s been difficult for traditional businesses to access. The API3 Alliance changes that. Join the API3 Alliance and be part of the next iteration of the internet before it gets crowded.


Airnode is Web3 middleware that connects Web APIs directly to smart contracts

Blockchain-based Web3 applications have been limited by their inability to use real-world data and services. Airnode is the standardized API connectivity protocol that solves the Web3 accessibility problem. Open source and effortless, Airnode is the easy path to Web3.

API3 Token

The API3 token is the fundamental unit of the Web3 API economy.

Staking tokens grants voting power in the API3 DAO enabling you to participate in governance, steer the direction of the project and allocate resources. And it earns weekly rewards. The pool of staked tokens provides coverage for Web3 APIs, Beacons, and dAPIs. Locking tokens allows developers to subscribe to API access. The token is the lifeblood of API3.


API3 is decentralized at the governance level - where it matters most

The decentralized web is designed to prevent single points of failure and abuse. The API3 DAO is the foundation on which API3’s security model is built, and necessary to create truly decentralized Web3 infrastructure. Without a DAO, centralized governance is the weakest link.

API3 Partners

Organizations who participate in the Web3 API economy.

API3 Partners

Organizations who participate in the Web3 API economy.

API3 Partners

Organizations who participate in the Web3 API economy.