API3 University Initiative

The API3 University Initiative is an academic focused program to inspire, advance, and evangelize the API3 Airnode and API3’s blockchain oracle solution.

Our Mission

Our #1 goal with this program is to collaborate with some of the smartest minds in the industry, and mutually provide them with opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible - whether it be through monetary means, relationships, API3 team members, or exposure to the API3 community. Diving into each of our main pillars…

Academic Partnerships

Academic partnerships will be made at the undergraduate level with blockchain groups. They will last for a one year term. This is ideal for students of all backgrounds who are looking to learn and get industry experience.

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Fellowship Program

Our fellowship program is ideal for researchers or PhD’s who are interested in studying a particular aspect of the API3 Airnode, or a challenge that all oracles face. They’ll be closely integrated into the API3 ecosystem and get to work hands on with the team.

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Grants Program

Our grants program is designed for students, professors, or PhD’s who need resources to accomplish a goal that will further the space. Examples could include building course materials, extra credit assignment for students, hosting an API3 event on campus, or doing research on the API3 Airnode.

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