Decentralized, Secure,

dAPIs are data feeds built entirely on-chain
from first-party, API provider-operated oracles
with decentralized governance.


to the core

API3 data feeds are governed by an open DAO of stakeholders, industry experts and project partners. This allows dAPIs to be operated with maximal transparency, minimal required trust in centralized operators, and no centralized attack surfaces. API token holders can take a direct part in governing the project by staking API3 tokens into the API3 insurance staking contract, which grants them voting power in the API3 DAO.

First-party oracles

Nodes operated
by API providers

Without third-party node operators, API3 data feeds are never exposed to data tampering and denial of service attacks by middlemen. This enables them to reach higher cost-efficiency, while having fewer attack surfaces. Source-level decentralization of dAPIs is enabled by Airnode, a fully serverless oracle node that can be deployed by any API provider for free, and requires minimal day-to-day management.

Quantifiably Secure

safety net

API3 provides dAPI users with the option of on-chain insurance, powered by the API3 token and Kleros’ decentralized courts. API3’s insurance feature gives dAPI users a quantifiable safety net in the event of a malfunction, holds the API3 DAO directly responsible for the security of the dAPIs and incentivizes a security-first governance approach for dAPIs and the API3 project as a whole.


to any blockchain

As a multi-layer, cross-platform data solution, dAPIs can be bridged to any blockchain, in order to provide smart contracts on various platforms with reliable access to premium real-world data. API3’s cross-platform approach enables any smart contract platform to leverage API3’s ecosystem of dAPIs and data-integration tools by simply creating a bridge between API3 and the network.

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