Light-weight, first-party data feeds that increase transparency, reduce cost, and scale data access for Web3.

Beacons allow smart contract developers to connect Web3 applications to continuously updated streams of off-chain data, such as the latest cryptocurrency, stock and commodities prices.

First-party transparency delivers security and efficiency

Operated by the market’s most trusted and reliable data providers, Beacons are a transparent, cost-efficient and scalable way for smart contracts to interact with the off-chain data they need.

  • Cost efficient

    Traditional Web3 data feeds rely on networks of 3rd-party oracle nodes. Built on API3’s first-party oracles, Beacons cut out the middlemen and the hefty fees they collect.

  • Data source transparent

    Beacons are fed directly from the API provider to the blockchain. There are no 3rd-party oracle nodes in the middle to attack. And developers always know exactly where their data came from.

  • Reputation matters

    When data comes directly from a reputable source, the provider’s off-chain reputation comes with it. More transparency means more selectivity and security.

  • Scalable, up and down

    Beacons are light-weight and highly scalable. Scale up for high performance chains. Scale down for a wide range of use cases that aren’t feasible with traditional data feeds.

Powered by Beacons

Data source transparent. Data source operated.
  • Easy to use

    Using a Beacon is as easy as making a function call.

  • Simple Pricing

    Simple, fixed subscriptions in the native gas token. No per-call payments.

  • More use cases

    Beacons power DeFi lending, synthetic assets, stablecoins, derivatives, coverage, NFTs and more.