API3 Token


The Governance Token
of the API3 DAO

API3 is the native token of the API3 project. It gives its holders the right to take part in the governance of the API3 ecosystem through the API3 DAO. To generate shares in the API3 DAO, token holders have to stake the API3 tokens into the insurance pool, which also gives them access to weekly staking rewards.

Read more about API3 governance in the API3 Whitepaper

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Insurance staking pool

By staking your API3 tokens into the insurance staking pool, you take part in providing API3 users with quantifiable security guarantees in the form of insurance. Insurance staking pool funds are used to cover potential financial losses from dAPI malfunctions that the dAPI consumer might incur. As you stake API3 to the insurance pool, you generate shares in the API3 DAO.

Insurance Pool

55,442,717.89 API3

Annual Rewards (APY)