The Largest Association of API Providers on Web3

Blockchain-based Web3 applications have been limited by their inability to use real world data and services. The API3 Alliance changes that.

By employing Airnode, API3 Alliance members empower decentralized applications to directly call their Web APIs. We are finally welcoming the real world to Web3.

Join the API3 Alliance

Meet the organizations

Meet the organizations who are delivering services on the next generation of the internet with Airnode.

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Why join the API3 Alliance?

The alliance’s mission is to help members successfully expand into Web3. You provide your Web API - we help Web3 developers find and adopt your services. It’s your Web3 go-to-market amplifier.

What does it cost to join?

There is no charge to be a member. The only requirement is that you host a Web API providing valuable data or services that support a Web3 use case.

Can I charge for my API?

Yes, of course. Most of our members do. How you price your API is entirely up to you. You can collect payment however you already do now. There is no requirement to accept cryptocurrency as payment. There are no transaction fees taken by the alliance.